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I was blocked from AVAILABLE NOW! last month. Its still saying “your status will be blocked until next month”. This is next month already. When will I get that option back?


Contact Customer Support.


30 days after you were blocked I think, rather than October because you were blocked in September. :sunny:


Are you sure it counts 30 days?


Would you suggest me, in which category should I submit a request on Customer Support?


Yep! 30 days. :zipper_mouth_face:

Q. What happens if I do not reply in time?

A. If you do not reply in time, AVAILABLE NOW will automatically switch off. If you do not reply in time for three times, you will not be eligible to be part of Available Now for the next 30 days.


Says 30 days on the FAQ



Feature Support.

Since you don’t believe @offlinehelpers. The info is readily available!


Thanks everyone for helping me to know.


Yes, 30 days from the day you were blocked.