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Blocked my account

hi i have an account and fiverr administration have blocked my account.
i don’t know why they blocked my account.!!!
I have an amount in the account and they said I would requepate it after 90 days
help me how to recuperate my account or my amount

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Fiverr doesn’t block accounts without a good valid reason. You must have done something that broke Fiverr’s Terms of Service (which I hope you’ve read when you signed up)

Fiverr must have told you something in the email you received, a reason why your account was blocked.


yes (Fiverr doesn’t block accounts without a good valid reason) it is on but i want to recover my amount

Direct your question to Customer Support. We can speculate, but we cannot help you with the issue.
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check the mail carefully which has been sent by fiverr supporting team. fiverr customer supporting team definitely described the reason why they blocked you.

Our Trust & Safety Team reviewed your account once again and unfortunately, we will not be able to restore your account.

if they sent it then as far as i know you have zero chance to restore your account


Pretty final!


What is the fate of the amount in the account

Like CS aid - you’ll be able to get it after 90 days.

How it is done
How it is done

I don’t know.
I don’t know.


Contact support
Contact support


after 90 days email to the customer care and tell them that your account was blocked and you were told to have it after 90 days and 90 days are over now.
they will send you a link through which you would be able to access your account and withdraw cash. after 24 hours your account would again get locked.

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can you please tell us what you do that your account is blocked? some new buyers ask me to send paypal link, i tell them to read Terms of Service. is these types of buyer is a threat to my account?

of course ther is a threat to your account

Thanks i will try very careful next time even report them to fiverr…

I found two reasons, behind each blocked acc.

  1. Big, Reason, Many new Seller, start posting into buyer section, which is not allow
  2. Some sellers, try to make the sale outside the Fiverr, which against Fiverr TOS.

I think you did something wrong, Now, try to contact with CS… Best of luck

Doing something against fiverr rules will lead you into trouble

Fiverr wont block your account with no reason.

They will never pick someone randomly and then block for fun. IT makes no sense.

You probably did something wrong.

Did you try to contact outside fiverr? shared your email or personal contact, or asked for a personal contact? asked or accepted external payment?