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Blocked out for online security measures

I was greeted with this terrifying image on my entry on the website today, seeing by the quick fixes section I’m assuming the “problem” is based on my use of adblockers and VPN.
I am NOT gonna stop using either for Fiverr, in fact, the idea of having my online privacy attacked on a website that holds all of my money and bank information is even scarier than normal. I hope this isn’t a problem in the future but I would love to solve it before it happens again, or else I’ll be forced to jump to another similar website.

PS. I don’t know if this made clear in the post but I was able to enter after verifying the capcha no problem, I’m just scared about it happening again

If you have everything else okay (eg. javascript enabled for everything that needs it) it might be okay. Fiverr prefers Chrome browser if you have browser issues (though it would be good if they properly supported all the main ones).

Sometimes it says that if you open Fiverr tabs too quickly (eg. like open a couple within a second).

This always happens to me after I leave my Fiverr Dashboard screen up for a long while without using it (like going to bed or to my dayjob) and then try to refresh the page. I’ve never had an issue with it not letting me continue to the Dashboard though.

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Maybe the IP address could have changed (maybe the service provider could have allocated a new one) if it’s left for a very long time and Fiverr might detect that change? Unless it’s something else related to the very long time before the page refresh (like some timer/time calc/timeout thing on Fiverr?).