Blocked Seller Harassing Me


I blocked this seller because he keeps contacing me even though I told him the job is no longer available. He is even sending me custom offers. I already blocked him and now I can’t contact him but he keeps contacting me? Anybody else experienced a similar problem?


That seller is being completely unprofessional and so you really should report them to customer support directly, not just with the report button.


Omg ! such people put other sellers like us reputation down. Yes, warn the person first, still continue, block the person, even after that by any method if they do, report. Don’t jump on to it directly.


Thanks for your replies people. I got a reply back from support saying they are looking into them and then they recommended me some other more professional sellers. Also got another harassing user but I just blocked him and told him that. Now he can’t contact me and I can’t contact him.


Just to add that block option will be over after sometime so he may contact you again. I had similar experience with a buyer.