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Blocked user cancel completed order

Hi everyone!
I had the most difficult buyer ever and he finally gave in and completed the order. However, he is asking me to do some editing for him… and it is kind of annoying. I want to block him but I’m scared he will cancel his order and I won’t get my payment…
so my question is that can a blocked user still cancel a completed order? before the 14 clearance periods or after? or he can no longer see my account or the order. I never blocked anyone before so I wanna know what should I do in this situation.
Thank you!


Sorry to hear about the trouble! I have been in your position with one or two buyers in the past.

From Fiverr’s Seller Help Center:

If you experience an issue with a buyer during an order, please let us know immediately so we can assist. Once the order is completed, it will be possible to block the buyer. You can block anyone who has previously placed an order with you.

The order will be “completed” within three days of delivery, assuming the buyer doesn’t mark it as such beforehand. If this has happened, you should be able to block the buyer now. Because the order is completed, they shouldn’t be able to cancel assuming you delivered the work as promised.

Note: I believe buyers have 10 days to leave a review. While it shouldn’t make a difference, it’s possible a buyer could realize they’ve been blocked and have an implicit or explicit bias when they go to rate their experience. Not saying this will happen, and I understand it’s unfair, but it’s something I’d consider in your situation.

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Hi! thanks for your reply and help! the buyer finally marked the order as completed but I’m scared if I block him now he will go and try to cancel the completed order and I won’t get the payment for my efforts

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I understand the concern. However, I don’t think it’s necessary.

Requests to cancel after completion are assessed by the Customer Support team, and decisions are based on violations of the Terms of Service or general misconduct, such as harassment, unlawful behavior, etc. Further, orders are not eligible to be canceled based on the quality of service/materials delivered if the service was rendered as described.

Based on what you’ve shared, I see no reason for the buyer to succeed in canceling the order now out of spite.

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Hello Angelakaba,

Sorry for hear that. I think you already got the answer. Here are some key points for you.

  • After accepting an order, buyer can review your service. So make sure to do your best with patience. Reviews are permanent.
  • Make sure that you have delivered everything as described in your Gig. Otherwise, Fiverr customer support can make a refund by transferring from your balance.
  • Blocking an annoying buyer won’t affect your account. You can block anyone at anytime.

Thank you!


humm okay then… make sense. I will block him and just get done with it. thanks for everyone who replied and helped me :slight_smile: really appreciate it!

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Hi there! :slight_smile: thanks for your reply. one last question, can the buyer still give me a bad review after I have blocked him ?

Yes. Buyer can leave a feedback for any completed order within 10 days, regardless the chat blocking.

Don’t block him! He needs to message you if he needs to even after the order.

Yes he can always cancel an order. Yes he can leave a review of any kind after you block him. You only hurt yourself by blocking a previous client. That is not the way to handle a difficult client.

You need to learn how to communicate with clients like this.
Things like this are handled with good communication skills. How would YOU feel if you purchased something and later you found the seller had blocked you? It’s not professional.