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Blocked user still managed to contact me?

So today I had to block a user on Fiverr, I blocked them through the website first, a couple hours later I got messages from this user, I was on my phone and apparently they were not blocked so I did it again and they still managed to send 2 more messages?

Not sure if this happened to anyone else but it sounds like a bug

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I had to block someone a few days ago and he wasn’t immediately blocked, He was able to send like 2 more, and then the ones he sent afterwards went to the spam folder.

The other times I blocked people it was instantly, never heard from them again. So yeah I think it’s a bug.


I haven’t experienced this (yet), because my Gigs are mostly one-time purchases, so I can get away from annoying buyers easier because of this. This is definitely a bug, it’s been here for ages. And since then, even more inbox/purchase, etc… bugs appeared.

I don’t think they would fix this anytime soon. They are slow for Seller issues, but fast for Buyer issues.

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That’s true. Well be glad you can get away from annoying buyers! :joy: I decided to stop doing business with a specific customer today and they were not very happy about it :sweat_smile:

I had that happen just one time and they not only sent more messages but also placed an order. But that was one time.

Oh wow I hope everything was okay afterwards. I don’t block people that often on Fiverr, only when necessary, if one of those people placed an order I would’ve panicked

This has happened to me a few times. It seems to have been resolved lately for me though. Unblock them, refresh the page and block them again.


It seems to work best to do it on the app.

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