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Blocking a Buyer!


Can we block a buyer? He/she won’t be able to contact us right? And also they won’t be able to order our gig? Right?


Yes right. May I ask why are you blocking a buyer?


Because the buyer is nagging. Also will only pay after I provide with the work.


Oh ok. Thanks for sharing.
Never work before the order’s been placed.


Only if the buyer has already ordered from you, in other words after the first order.


Hmmmm. If a buyer hasn’t yet purchased from you, and sends spam messages to you or violating T&C of Fiverr, then you can mark his message as a spam or report it, which gives you an option to block him.


That is another kind of block. You can block someone that way, but the person will still be able to place an order.


Yes they have and I don’t have the energy to work with them anymore.
They won’t be able to place an order or contact me if I try this way of blocking?


They will not be able to order again after the order you’re working on.
If they have placed an order they have already paid Fiverr, not you.
At this point they are in the position to accept or refuse the delivery, and eventually cancel afterwards.


There is one caution here. And that is this: if you offer revisions to the order from them you are working on, do not block them until you are sure they don’t want any more revisions. You might have your account suspended if you do.

Otherwise go ahead and after you deliver the order block them.

OP you are a very good designer! You should turn on your “portfolio” setting so people can see what you have designed for your clients who leave reviews. It will definitely help people decide to buy your gigs.


Oh block this one and don’t look back. I’d report them, too. I have no idea if reporting is effective but we could use less people like this on the platform.


Block them!.. I agree that this should be a reason to have an account banned.