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Blocking Buyers after order complete

If I have a buyer that completes order and then they leave a bad review, if I block them, will that review still show up on my profile?


Yes, sounds bad but still review will show on your profile…

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Reviews are always for permanent.

Yes, it will.

And if you delete the gig, the review will still stay.

Unless the review violates Fiverr’s ToS, it will stay on your profile, no matter what you do.

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Unfortunately yes. Always make sure the buyer is 100% satisfied with your work. Sadly, buyers who are 100% satisfied and still leave a bad review do exist - I’ve encountered them. The review will still show even if you blocked them, but you can still block them to prevent them from placing another order. The choice is yours!

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Please do understand lets forget the review if that buyer has a issue with the delivery maybe files is not working on his/her computer buyer can contact Fiverr CS and they will probably cancelled the order not because files are not working on their computer because buyer is unable to connect with you to resolve the issue with the files.

Be aware about that situation too.

There are some Buyers out there that will do that whether you deserved it or not.

I have 600+ reviews. One of them is a 2-Star review. It doesn’t seem to impact my overall stats so don’t worry about it.

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Yep! There’s nothing that you can do to get rid of a review, unless it breaks the Fiverr TOS!

Yes It will definitely showup!

This cannot be helped. In any case : stay professional and friendly. Once the order is over, you can always block this person so that you will not make business together in the future.

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Now lets say I have a buyer who I dont want to worth with anymore after I deliver their order. After I hit DELIVER, if I block them, do I still have access to give them a review or will blocking them prevent me from doing that?