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Blocking buyers on fiverr

Fiverr does not let me block a certain user. I do not want to be contacted by this person anymore, he keeps sending me messages but fiverr wont let me block them. Anyone knows why ? I should have the right to stop the communication with certain buyers.


I can’t seem to block them on a computer

On a computer, you can either report the message from the inbox and block the user or go to the users profile and block from there (the block or report option is under the username).


Yes, there is. And it has always worked for me. :wink:


Report the buyer and then they will give you the option to block

You can block anyone using the app.


yes, In Fiverr app option for Block user. Open any user then click on Three Dot. You can see option for block user.


If you mouse over a message from the buyer, at least on the inbox page, there is the report and spam links. One of those at least used to give the option to also block the buyer, but only from messaging your inbox. To block them from placing orders, you have to visit the buyer’s profile and block them from there. But that can only be done after they have already placed an order.


The last time I used that option, when I checked the buyer’s profile after that, it said that they were blocked and could neither message me nor order from me.