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Blocking Buyers

I would like to have Fiverr allow us to rate buyers on here. I’ve had people who’ve been difficult to work with, and I would like to make things aware to other sellers. If we could have a red-flag system on people who refuse to leave a positive review without high demands OR a person who just wants a free service, SELLERS should have the right to refuse.

I’ve had limited experiences with negative buyers, but I think it should be handled this way. To have to contact Fiverr support is aggravating. Not because the people at support aren’t great, but because these transactions cost me a lot of time.


On one hand, I agree - on the other . . .

Over the years I’ve done a lot of buying on Fiverr. Most were great experiences with the Sellers. But I also had a few bumps - especially in the beginning, when I didn’t really know what to expect or how to actually make the buy without being an ass. I had a instance where I wanted a voiceover done. I forgot to explain to the seller how to pronounce a particular word. He wrote back and brought such to my attention, but by the time I returned to Fiverr to read his message, he had already done the gig (to finish within the time limit) using his own pronunciation, which I did not like. Instead of asking for a redo, I gave him negative feedback.

I completely understood his anger.

But I was essentially a newbie. I didn’t know better.

If Sellers rated Buyers, no doubt it would help many other Sellers to accept the buyer with caution, but what if the buyer is simply stupid like I had been or hasn’t yet caught on how the Fiverr world works? It would also undoubtedly cause some Sellers to lose out on some good sales (although I’m quite aware that some Sellers would not mind losing a sale if it meant not having to deal with an aggravating buyer - that is, according to the buyer’s ratings).

Is this really the way to go?


Why didn’t you change your rating?

I had a buyer who mistakenly gave me a thumbs down even though his remarks said it was an outstanding job. I messaged him and asked him why the thumbs down yet he said I did an outstanding job.

It turned out he made a mistake and changed it to a Thumbs up.

Yes mistakes are made, but overall I think it would be better if the playing field was even on both sides.

Reply to @dikosay: Isn’t it the same with sellers? Some did receive thumb down just because the buyer want premium work that is far more than the money they paid. The seller could leave a respond and give a thumb down to that said comment in return, but it doesn’t affect any one but the seller! And would other buyers want to buy from sellers with low rating?

Reply to @steveeyes: At the time, I didn’t know I could do it.