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Blocking doesn't work for me

Whenever I block someone with the intention of prohibiting messages and orders from them, it does not work. I won’t receive messages from the buyer but somehow they can still place orders. Anyone else have this problem and/or know a solution?

Please let me know. Thanks a lot!


You can report that user if he does something against fivers terms. They might help

This is a common bug - there are many complaints about it. Unfortunately, Fiverr doesn’t see fixing it as a priority …


I’ve had issues with this on and off over the years. First, make sure you don’t have an offer open with them in your inbox - if you do, withdraw the offer. I’ve found that blocking someone on the app is the most effective!

I actually had a CS agent a couple years ago tell me, and this is almost a direct quote, “Yes, when you block someone in your inbox they can still place an order” - as if that’s how it was SUPPOSED to work :grimacing: Jeez luis!


I’m looking for a solution. If you know of a solution. Then please give a post.

For me the bug only happens on desktop. Try blocking them on the app, it has always worked for me.


Yeah… I always block on the app but it often still doesn’t work. I think the issue is that the buyers use the app but the blocking system that prevents them from ordering doesn’t work unless they close and then relaunch the app or go to a webpage… not 100% sure.