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Blocking people who are annoying?

I would like the opinion of some of the sellers here about when it’s appropriate to block someone who has been messaging quite a bit without buying.

I have some people who continue to send me questions and messages saying things like they are seriously considering buying my gigs but first have questions and these end up going on for days. They are polite but seem to actively be fishing for me to try to sell them on my gigs. I really don’t know why they would come back with more and more questions over a period of days.

Is it ok to block these time wasters? Any opinions on this are welcome.

(I would need to use the report button to do this. )


I eventually block people who seem to have no intention of buying … or quote them an outlandish price, which seems to have the same effect …


I’m suspicious of these people. I think they are competitors trying to see what I say or trying to see if I try to manipulate them into buying. I doubt anyone in reality would continue to send me messages over a period of days with more and more requests for information, trying various angles.

They throw in a little flattery now and then, and keep saying they are seriously thinking of buying from me but never do.

Thanks for the input.

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Do you check their profiles? If they’re shiny new profiles, they may well be competitors checking you out.

Or trolls, trying to get a rise out of you …

But wasting time with these people is … well, a waste of time …

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They are always brand new accounts. They never do buy.

There’s your answer then …

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I do have some who message me two days but they do end up buying but they are not as eager to get as much info out of me as possible or engage me in lengthy discussions.

And then when the flattery happens it’s a red flag.

I have one in particular, some seller who makes endless accounts to message me from. She seems obsessed.

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I absolutely block people who message incessantly or message me regarding a gig/ potential gig results - because I feel that most often those type of people, as buyers (although not always) may be problematic.

I think that is why fiverr enlisted a block feature, so we have the option to black people who waste our time, or who we get a bad vibe off. I go by my gut 99% of the time - and when I don’t I regret it.

I love the option of blocking lol :+1:t4:


Do you block using the app or the report button, or does it matter?

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I use the app! Straight block.

I’ve even blocked past buyers, who I found gave me a headache during the order process, even when the rating was not too bad - for my own sanity.

Time is money - and there has to be a “cut off” point, to remain efficient and not go nuts!