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Blocking Seller Doesn't Block Communication

I worked with a seller a couple times and decided to stop working with him because he kept messaging me for more tasks despite telling him I didn’t have another task for him at the moment. I ignored him for a few days and eventually blocked him via the app.

I still receive notifications of him messaging me on my phone. When I click the notification, it just opens the app. I don’t remember to which tab exactly but I cannot see the conversation. I believe when I get the notification on the web version (using my laptop), if I click the notification, I can see the conversation again.

I reported and blocked him weeks ago and I still receive notifications from him pretty frequently. This is the 2nd time I’ve been someone’s “first” client and both have been absolutely awful experiences. Never again.


That you are facing should be a bug…
Certainly, some articles will help from the community…

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None of those links helped. The people in the post you linked are reporting same behavior I am. Also, the seller is still able to send me offers. Matter of fact, he just sent me one less than 10 minutes ago. I attached a screenshot as proof.


If that’s the case, use the opportunity to mark those messages as spam and block the seller again.

If you keep getting notifications after that, you can try contacting Customer Support and reporting the seller for repeatedly spamming you (plus ask how to really block that seller). They might be able to help you, you’ll just need to wait for their response (the waiting time can be really long these days).


Hello @downvibe
Sad to hear you are facing this.

Please try to use the block feature from Desktop. I hope You will not receive any notification from a blocked person in the future.

I think It’s not working properly from Mobile Application, I faced the same issue, and then Tried to used Desktop and It worked for me.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

This should be posted at the top of the forum for all the “message your buyer for more work, it’s fine” sellers to see. Because the lengths some of them are willing to go to defend this behavior are astonishing.

Have you tried to tell them to leave you alone directly? It does nothing to fix the bug (it’s unfortunate, I thought the block feature was finally working well) but can drive the point across faster. “Stop messaging me or I will report you” would be enough.


Thanks, I submitted a bug report. I didn’t before because I couldn’t find the form to do it (it’s a bit hidden within their customer support page).