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Blocking spamming buyers

Still a problem. Have a spammy and horrible buyer that I did “report” a few weeks ago, and they were able to just send me more spammy and personal messages. Fiverr is not a very seller friendly website/system. We should have more power. It’s not a sweat shop. Let us BLOCK people. A buyer has a choice never to use us again. We should have the right to not allow a buyer to order from us again. Buyers can control the destiny of our gigs ratings by being able to order and cancel or leave a bad review for no other reason than spite.

Please Fiverr do something about this.

Agree and get rid of the response rate while they’re at it, especially because it mainly falls due to not been able to respond to spam after you’ve initially blocked it, which is stupid!

Hi there ,

I am a Victim of buyer spam !

Should be a tab where seller can mark a buyer as Spam . So other seller can avoid that kind of buyer and they may not get effected by Wasting Hard Time and Hard Work on the fake project ! Even lot of many buyer can ask for refund superbly after got the delivery & here seller seems as victim of online fraud by someone !

Fiverr Must do something for the seller protection ! to avoid the seller bounce back to other option !


Hi Is there not a flag you can tick if you get a message in thats spam? I have also had some automatically flgged by fiverr as well

Same happening with me
I complete work and now he not accepting my work declining it again and again and asking to provide him whole ASO services in just 15$ I dont no how its possible? I want to cancel his work. Please advice me how can I cancel his work and moreover can review him as cheater?

You can cancel the order using the Resolution tab at the top of the order page.
You can’t review him as cheater. Just cancel the order and try to move onward to better things.