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Blocking user, stopping her for order


Is there a way to block users, so they can’t order from me?
You know the pain customers, who want the world for 5 dollars, and she orders anyway, when I explicitly say do not order.


yeah you can block users through the mobile app, not sure how to do it on desktop though.

I had to block a user cause he was low balling me so I figure there’s not point of talking to him lol.


THanks, user blocked!


No worries, Cool gigs you have. I see you’re in HK?


If I recall correctly, you can’t block a buyer from ordering… just messaging you.


If you raise your lowest gig price to $10, you will not have this problem. It has worked well for me! :wink:


Already raised to $15, orders anyway…


But on your gig page and in your videos it says $5? :thinking:


Depends on which gig. I was talking about the custom spell.


Yes, there are mad buyers, but heard on ranting category that there was an order made by blocked user


You can’t block orders.
The best thing to do is to tell your buyer that:

  • you no longer deliver extras free of charge
  • you only deliver what is listed in your gig description
  • if she continues asking you free work you will report her to Fiverr
  • it’s time for her to look for a better match with another seller.

Be polite to avoid any complaint to CS.


how to do it in mobile app ?


That is sooo trolling lol.


on Android, from your inbox go to the message with the user you want to block. top right you’ll notice a few dots. Tab on that and you should see block user.