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Blog content strategy course help

I didn’t know that course access is limited and now I need to revise course content. It’s urgent and important. Walter Roderick and SarahColeva, I need to contact you people. Kindly reply me if you read this post. If anyone else can help me with my issue, plz contact me. Advance thanks.
Zaima Butt


What course? Who are these people?

This looks like a personal message about an order that you have decided to post publicly and without context for others.

You can’t mention sellers who worked for you here, if that is who these people are. It’s against the rules for good reason. And no one would be notified unless you tag them, anyway.


You can post your request in the Buyer Request section. Hopefully, you will receive response from the interested seller(s).

As @humanissocial has advised, please edit your post and remove the names.

Good Luck!!

These are not sellers for my order. Rather, they took blog content strategy course by Ian. I saw their names in the comment section. Basically, I want to interact with the students who took blog content strategy course from fiverr learn… hope so, my issue is clear now…

Who is Ian?

If you’re referring to someone in the forum, you need to tag his username, otherwise you just confuse everyone. We’re not all on a first-name basis with each other.

“The comment section” – what comment section? For that course? If so, they won’t see your comment here. No one here knew what you were talking about.

Please don’t post things unless you contextualize what you’re talking about. Naturally, we’re going to have to guess what you’re referring to and guess if it’s relevant to us and that’s rude.

And the forum isn’t for posting a message that are only intended and would only be understood by a few people. The forum is for everyone.


I don’t mean to offend anyone. Its my first time here so I don’t know the rules. I need help with the course of blog strategy. There are few courses on fiverr learn so far and blog strategy is one of them. The instructor name is ian cleary.

It’s not about rules; it’s about courtesy. I don’t think you’d walk into a room full of strangers and start talking about something without any context.

I’m not offended.

What issue are you facing? Sorry I didn’t understand from your post? Do you have issue loading course video/material ? or have any suggestions regarding the course? You can leave your suggestions on course review section.


I am no more able to access course content which I bought from fiverr recently. I need to revise the course material. Is there any way I can get it solved here ? Anyone who has knowledge about blogs strategy, can guide me? I hope now my concern is clear.

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How long ago you have purchased the course?
From Learn From Fiverr Service Terms

The License provided for each Course is valid for a minimum period of 60 days from the purchase date.

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I purchased it on 2nd September

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That means 2 weeks ago. You can contact Fiverr Support about your issue. (Also if you like please post an update here)

Yeah I have written to support team. Thanks alot for ur suggestions and help. Stay blessed