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Blog Posts, Product Descriptions, Website Content?

Ok, so I know I have not been paying attention lately, but what exactly differentiates “Website Content” from a category like “Blog posts and articles” or “Sales copy?”

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Blog post will has some keywords to rank the website on search engine while website content comprise of introduction page of a website, such as Home page, Contact Us, Abouts Us, Mission and Vision Statement,taglines/Slogan, TOC etc.

Technically, there are lots of differences. There’s your basic writing style for one. Then there is the the end use case of the material you produce. However, in all honesty, most Fiverr buyers don’t differentiate.

If you are looking for ways to tap new markets, perhaps consider creating gigs targeted at things like Yoast-ready blog posts/articles, Medium article writing, I will publish your article on Steemit, etc.

That said, all Fiverr categories are in desperate need of a tidy up. My copywriting gig got moved out of business copywriting and placed in web content by Fiverr. Moreover, searching through any article writing category will usually present you with a soup of all sorts of different writing gigs splattered everywhere.

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