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Blog writing budget

Hello guys

Do I want to know how much will you take for Blog writing?
If it is 500 words, 1000 words?

I write blog posts for others on areas of expertise, but I have been known to buy writing from others if I need something in an area I don’t have time to research. What I am willing to pay for blog writing depends greatly on the expertise and skill of the writer. For example, if I wanted to hire a top notch writer with many years of experience and original samples good enough for a high-end influencer blog, it wouldn’t be unusual for me to understand a fee of $25-200 for just 500 words. The range is wide there since professionals still vary a lot and their track records may be quite different too. I would expect a higher end writer to have excellent fluency and readability even in draft and I would expect the delivered article to be perfectly edited and proofed before delivery.

On the other hand, I’ve hired some writers just to help me generate lots of copy for a new site and I haven’t always needed perfection. I still expect the writing to be original and readable, I expect the writer to be fluent in English and check their spelling and simple punctuation, but I’m willing to proof it myself or outsource proofing if I need cheap content. (My degree is in literature, not editing, so I don’t even consider myself to be a great proofeader.) If I’m looking for that kind of low-end content I would expect to pay $5-10 for 500-1000 words. I’ve found some OK writers who weren’t 100% fluent who would write 1500 original words for that amount. Note that I don’t mean encoded or plagiarized material - I don’t pay anything for that.

There isn’t one straightforward answer to your question because of the skill/expertise/fluency factors. I took a look at your profile and you have some fairly major writing errors in your profile and gig descriptions. You have 4 reviews that don’t tell much about you. If you are evaluating what to charge for your own writing, it would have to be very original and you’d need to get someone to help you proof it just to keep some kind of orders coming in. That still might not be enough with the competition here.


Actually many of the viewers told me I have gig description problem and I changed it quite many times after getting the reviews but still, I am getting this type of feedback.Now I am really confused about my gig description what to do.I am not getting any clue now where I am wrong and how to fix it properly without error.

Dear Iffat:

I took a stab at making your profile description more natural for a Western audience:

I am a professional freelance writer and provide quality writing and high-quality research. I add value to your website by providing colorful content, such as article, blog, academic, and content writing. Please contact me today. – Iffat

Looking at your profile, I’d suggest you add a new photo, smiling, and better centered. Why is the top of your head cut off? Can you wear Western style professional dress? In other words, like the saying, “When in Rome, do as Romans do,” dress for the audience of Buyers you are trying to reach.

Video of you talking to the Buyer might be helpful, as well:

Your gig photos are actually fairly generic and do not make your gigs stand out to the Buyer.

Good luck,

I see that you’ve encouraged a more “Western” style feel. I can Americanize the language a tad bit better in a very subtle way:

Do you need attractive content (Go Baseball team, yay!)? Words that scorch the soul’s of men (Country Music Hooray!) - stripping your consumer’s will to shards of ice chips… falling from a gnawing chainsaw ( Super American action movie, Rocky Montage!)? Do you want an audience that’s galvanized into word- babble brutality? Lip trembling, syllable hanging, edge of their seat descriptions and content that hammers the human spirit with the unhinged rhythm of vertigo (Hip hop lingo, America cool people yo yo)?

Then you need Iffat’s “Wonder Words!”

"Iffat’s Wonder Words!" is the integral component of all content that’s guaranteed to rip your imagination’s socks off (Super dunk basketball, America Michael Jordan Rad!). Blitz your consumer’s mind’s into a dark retreat of buying suggestion. Captivate their consciousness and suspend their work rate in a lair of psychogenic fugue.

But don’t take our word for it… let’s ask this real life blog subscriber how they felt about Iffat’s expression explosion:

“Must… Buy… Things…” - (Totally real life blog reader)

Awesome America High Five!

I hope this helps.