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Blurred Profile image on the gig

Hello! Profile image looks good on the main profile page, but when i click on the gig it becomes blurred.Does anyone know how to fix this?

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remake ur gig image with currect size … your prblm will solve …
search to google for batter size

I can’t understand you? Can you explain me better please :slight_smile:

On the main page your image in small circle on the left is OK but zoomed in is blurred?

Is this correct description?

EDIT: YES, I see the problem, this is a bug on web page, you are right!

The first image is on the gig page, the second is on the profile page
on the gig page on the main page

Yes, I see the same. Try this, change your original image on your computer from jpg to png and then put that as profile to see maybe it will fix it self.

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I tried this, it doesn’t work

OK, try putting different photo, anything, just so we test is it this photo or in general.

EDIT, no still same blurr. Go to CS with this, report it and send screenshots.

I already did it, but they don’t respond

How long did it pass from report?

They have huge demand because of GIG NA and people thinking that last or first page is reason they have no orders so the respond is little slower.

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Almost 24 hours. How long does it take in general?

Well, in my case it is between 5 minutes to one hour.

But everyone else says it takes weeks or months.

So I do not know. But if you have case opened they must respond.

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Thanks for the help. I will wait for the response.

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Other than reporting there’s nothing else you can do for now. Just so I can give you a more in-depth explanation of why this happens.

Once you upload an image to a website, ideally it would automatically resize to a few different sizes so it could use on different areas of the website to increase both quality and performance.

On your profile they are using a 250px by 250px image, while on the gig, the image is a 50px by 50px, which when stretched creates the pixelation that you see.

I thought that to but he placed different images in sizes and same thing happened. Identical pixelation regardless of the size of the image and format (jpg png).

We, as users, don’t get to choose the size generated by the website. Whichever size you upload, the website in question will still resize to different sizes to fit their design.

So even if he tries multiple sizes it would still be resized to 50x50, which is fine…the only problem is they are using this particular size on a larger area (110x100), which when stretched creates the pixelation.

It’s a “problem” in their code so as user there’s nothing we can do other than maybe reporting, which he has, so eventually it will reach their frontend dev team and they will fix it.