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Blurry Gig Images?


When I open my gig images they appear blurry. However, when I’m creating them on my computer they are clear and crisp and the proper size. Any ideas? Or is anyone able to check it out and see if it is just my view?


Check this out:

Fiverr has compressed the hell out of audio and video uploaded to gigs for a good while now. Not surprised to hear that they are doing the same to images. How big is the file size, and are you using the correct aspect ratio for them?

I found that making sure the width vs height is correct + running the files through before uploading maintains the best quality as they don’t get compressed as much. It’s just a matter of trial and error.

If your gig images looks great before you upload them, it might be that they get compressed down too much by Fiverr upon upload.

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I’ve checked your gig on my 4K TV, and they seem to look ok. It’s not “perfect” quality, but in my experience, Fiverr will always do some sort of compression. Happens to my gig images as well.

It’s not the compression Fiverr are doing (I think), it’s the scaling to full screen (minus any task bar) of the device you view it on when they click on the image. So any image that’s uploaded that is less than the viewer’s available screen area (width & height) will be pixelated/blurred.

Yeah, I made sure that it is the exact dimensions Fiverr requires.

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