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😊 First-Time Auto Loan


I got approved yesterday for my very first loan. And, it’s all thanks to Fiverr. Without this site, I don’t think I would have ever realized that working online can actually be a sustainable (and incredibly flexible) career choice.

It’s also thanks to the incredible finance guy at the local dealership who spent two days advocating for me. I’m young, self-employed, and since I was turning in my last two years’ tax returns (2015 being my first year of working online), the income I reported was about $10k lower than what I make now.

Plus, I just reached my six-month anniversary of credit history earlier this month (thanks to having a few credit cards). I couldn’t be happier :blush:


Congratulations Sydney! You deserve it.


Congratulations and enjoy your new ride :wink:


Oh, that’s amazing, Sydney. :tada::balloon:

Was it a…

Wrapped in a BIG beautiful bow. :gift:


No need to answer the Q. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you all!

@nikavoice How did you know? :smile:


:spider_web: My spidey sense. :spider:



I remember my first loan as well. It was exciting and a bit overwhelming. The interest rate was crazy high because I had no credit history back then.




best of luck for future. stay blessed.


Best of luck for your future.


congratulation, I am happy for you