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Boast Fiverr Gig And Get Orders Quickly (Latest Method)


Hello There Everyone !
I am a new seller BUT i got my first order after 20 days of creating my first gig. There are some things i want to share SPECIALLY with new sellers, It is my experience.
There are some things that you have to put in your mind.

  1. Always update your current gigs 1-2 times a day, so this will also rank your gig in google, bing and fiverr search engine. (until you get your first order after getting your first order you don’t have to do this step again)

  2. Always explain your gig. Just think like a buyer while writing your description, so it will be more easier to write an attractive description or simple “Explain Every Thing”.

  3. Be online on fiverr minimum 1-2 hours a day.

  4. Always upload high resolution fiverr gig cover, Fiverr recommends 550x370 BUT i will recommend you 1100x740 so it will not crop any edge of your cover and also the image will be high resolution.

  5. Always share your gig on social media, Note that “The more traffic you drive on your gig the more chance you get to get orders”

  6. Always use short titles with main keywords.

  7. Always use your main keyword in your description.

  8. Always complete your profile, It will really optimize your rankings.

So, That’s all. If you do all these things then i am sure you will get orders instantly and you don’t have to wait for 2-3 Months. LOL.
Thanks everybody and “BEST OF LUCK”

Mod Note: Please note that this post has speculation about Fiverr search. The guesswork is not officially confirmed.

Fiverr Gig Ranking Factors

I am disagree with this point.If your gigs are at the good position then you should not update those . Because if you update then your gigs should be down . And I have faced it .My gig was first page on the category When I have updated the gig image it went to last page.(I have proper knowledge of SEO).

Otherwise your all point are effective .


I really appreciate, But you have to do this until you get your first order after getting your first order leave this step.


Yeah… Actually I trying to find out the fiverr ranking system . I have almost got its 80% …Now trying to find out the 20% .I am just facing problem with picture seo … Does the picture resolution matter ?..I have using 680 x 453 px.


You are my senior, but i will still say YES it matters.


Then 100x740 is better than 680x453 ?


of-course “1100x740” is best because it will not crop any edge of your cover and also this is high resolution cover.


680 x 453 is also good it also do not crop . I have deleted my previous gig photo .For that I am facing that problem and I do not remember which size i have used on those …Now I am in confusion … Then Let me try this .


Keep in mind that gigs often disappear from search after you edit them, and only show up again after a day or few (I remember someone’s gig disappearing from search for 7+ days).


What is fiverr SEO???
Would you please explain it here???


Very important information. Thanks for sharing your experience.


Promote/Share your gigs on social media websites …And you have to find out the rest process .


Agree with @webdesignerxx’s point. Sometimes, editing a gig will make it disappear from search. Usually, it will take 48-72 hours for gigs to reappear on search. It might take even longer and we’ll need to contact CS in order to make it reappear on search. CS even have a category just for that! This is quite annoying as we’ll lose many potential buyers during the time phase.


I totally not agree with your first option :roll_eyes:


I dont agree with this.
as you do edit to your gig, it will disappear from where it stands. so its not a advisable to do edits everyday.