Body is too similar to what you recently posted


Yes, yes it is.

That is because people keep asking the same stupid question so they’re going to get the same frigging answer.


We should use this screenshot when people post before and after pics in the “Forum diet club”


Right! :joy:
most likely suffering from ICD.


Those quotation marks look “suspicious” Eoin.



But it is March1st here now so weighing time! Food recording time! Exercise time!


Indeed, I used them as I am unsure about the official name.

@capitalquality Im ready to go


Oh yes, I suppose I did say I’d come up with one.

ER… Fiverr Fat Fighters?


Fiverr Doers Do Their Way Back to Health.

More of a headline for our inevitable blog post.


Club Flab to Fab

I’m not sure that anyone really wants their saggy belly to be in glorious HD at the top of the Fiverr blog.