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Bold text not showing in gig description


Like many Fiverr sellers, I use bold text to emphasize important parts of a gig’s description. However, I noticed that bold text does NOT show when I preview my gig. It’s been like this for a couple days now. I’ve tried multiple browsers, disabling adblock, etc. and nothing is working.


My gig formatting (other than line breaks) hasn’t been working for months. I’ve re-edited a few times hoping to ‘unstick’ whatever the problem is, but nothing has worked.


I’m having the same problem. I put a ticket into CS 2 months ago but no fix. :)>-


Hate to say I’m glad I’m not the only one… but definitely not happy to hear that this has been going on for months. It seems like highlights work, but that’s not the point.

EDIT - I submitted a ticket and cited this thread as a reference for other folks reporting the same issue.