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Bonus/Gift/Favor to the buyer

Hi Sellers!

I was just wondering… have you ever granted a kind of bonus, gift or favor to a buyer? Like, for example, in a gig that offers one design, you gave another design for free? If yes, when is the right time to do so? Once they’ve already ordered more than once from you, or on the first order, so they will appreciate your kindness and come back to you when they need more?


Why would you want to give away your time and skills for free?

When a buyer purchases a gig they will (if they are sensible) have read your gig description and reviewed your feedback

Therefore they make an informed decision to buy from you. They shouldn’t need incentives.

Hi Mjaninea,
In this fast moving life, there is no margin to work free for anyone. Why do you want to sacrifice your precious time and skills. All the buyers, when hire a freelancer, they go through all the gigs to study description and the skiilsets mentioned. When they receive up to the mark finished project, they leave a valuable feedback which is what worth of your work.

Sometimes if it’s easier to just make a couple of different versions of an image than sending the client something and waiting for a response, I’ll send them multiple versions for free and just let them know that I’m including a couple of options that they can use as they please.

I have before, but not just after 1 order. There was one buyer who’d ordered like 10-12, so I gave him a freebie to show my appreciation. He appreciated it, and I enjoyed writing the story I gave him. If you have a regular buyer whose work you enjoy (his never felt like work) and want to show appreciation, this could be a great way to do it!