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Bonuses...Where Are You?

I ordered a gig for a FB fanpage and the seller told me since
i liked his work and gave him a very positive review that he had
some bonuses for me.
Where do I go to get them? s it on this site or somewhere else?
I could really use them since I am not familiar with FB Admin. and
other subjects the bonuses were about.
As this is my first gig on Fiverr, I am very confused.

You need to ask the seller this question since he was the one that promised you some unexplained bonuses. We have no idea what that seller was talking about.

May be you can share the exact message from the Seller. That might help us to understand what it is all about. I have not heard of bonuses either. I would love to know and offer those, if possible, to my esteemed clients as well :slight_smile:

Get a crappy PLR book or similar in your niche. Give it free with every first order as a semi-bribe for a 5-star review.

…that’s it!

That’s a nice way! I am sure I can find one that would be equally helpful for all my clients. in my niche!

Thanks for that suggestion :slight_smile:

What’s PLR?

private label rights. Basically an ebook or similar that you can rebrand to your own company and resell/gift etc (depending on the specific rights). Often not great quality for in-depth information, but OK if you want to offer a freebie to build your mail list or some other marketing related goal.