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Book Cover Design templates

Hi, i want to create a book cover but i need of templates with 4 pages and spine. Anyone knows many websites that do that?
Please link me! Thanks! :grin:


Canva’s a pretty good one. They have some book cover templates that are easy to use.

If it’s an ebook, Amazon also has a cover creator tool that you can use!


For print, you need to know where will you print it. Amazon, Ingram and others all have their own specifications for covers. It depends on page count, type of paper, bleed requirements and other things. They have templates to be used for books printed with them. I am not aware of generic templates for covers that would work everywhere. If the cover designer knows the specs of the printer, s/he does not need a template.

Ebooks of course don’t have spines and 4-page covers. There you need to check the size dimension (in pixels) and the aspect ratio for covers required by the platform.


I found a site that creates templates based on the size of the book and the type of pages / number of pages. I tried to put the same information of an existing book, that I have at home, but the size of the spine is very different (half of it) … Why ???

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Yes, but unfortunately canva can create template only for first page (e-book format), but i need of spine and 4 pages too…

Differences in: binding type (glued, saddle-stitched, something else), hardcover/paperback, paper type, paper thickness, the specifics of the printing process.

canva could be interesting, try it…