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Book promotion doesn’t seem to work

Hey guys, used a number of Fiverr gigs to promote my books, but sales are kinda slow. Anybody got any hints on how to drive up my book sales? It’s my first book

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How this is related to Fiverr? Are you looking to get your book promoted with the help of seller here or something else?


It is related to fiver because I used a number of book promotion gigs here on Fiverr

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Perhaps I should have led with that in my post

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Clearly book promoting gigs (or the ones you bought) are not worth it.

As for review of the cover and book, how much are you paying? :slight_smile:

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Sorry but I can’t pay you for a review. Kinda defeats the aim :smile:

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Paying for reviews is not allowed on Fiverr.


I believe you should begin targeting readers who have names that don’t begin with J too. This will expand your market a lot.


Sorry I don’t understand your point

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Paying for reviews on public websites like amazon, etc. is not allowed. Paying someone to “review” your book, as in go over it and give you their opinion and what can be improved is allowed. That’s what I was referencing, because that was what was asked - to go over it and review it. And I’m not interesting in doing that for free lol.

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All those who reviewed your book have names beginning with J. It was a joke.


I still don’t get what you are implying here. If there is something you need to say just come out and say it. I can’t help what the readers are called or what names they choose to use.

I simply asked for help here. I didn’t ask to be trolled. But I guess the risk of coming on a platform like this is that there will always be people like you who offer nothing constructive.

P.S there are reviews on the amazon sites from other countries and their names don’t start with a J.

And there will always be people who ask sellers for free feedback on their commercial ventures…

Here’s something constructive though. Selling books is difficult. Selling short books for $3 is always going to be a hard sell for someone without an established fanbase. I’d suggest focusing on promoting yourself and your work as an author, rather than trying to just “sell a book”.
Create a platform to showcase all of your work, ideas in progress, blogs, 500-1000 word stories, non-spoilering backgrounds of characters in your books etc.
This will create an audience for all of your work and create your own fanbase that will be waiting for your releases with excitement, rather than hoping that those following a Facebook page (that probably posts 20-30 “recommended” books every week or so) will decide to choose yours from among all the other hopefuls.

Darn, I really should develop a thicker skin and resist the urge to help when someone calls me a troll for posting one of my typical throwaway jokes…


Nothing wrong with asking for feedback whether free or paid.

I’m not sure if you meant my reviews are a joke or you were only making a joke when you said I should target people other than those with names starting with a J. If you meant the latter then I take back what I said about trolling.

You have one or two useful tips in your recent post though (thanks) and maybe you should have added that to your post with the joke.

Thanks for the tips once again.

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This is what I meant

I am not sure why you would jump at the alternative though which has me wondering now to be honest.

If you are looking to only receive advice from people when you post on a public forum I think you are probably going to be disappointed a lot on the internet. When I am particular about the type of response I want, I tend towards ordering from people in that field.

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Well you can wonder all you want mister.

I use Internet forums a lot and I know very well that not everyone will give advice when you are looking for it. There’s a chance that some people will be facetious about your post. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t say anything about it.

I chose this forum because I used a few gigs on fiverr which all had good reviews by the way, but haven’t been getting good results. So I only thought it would be logical to ask other Fiverr users about their experience.

Out of curiosity, have you considered a beta-reader as someone to review your work? By definition, someone who does beta work is looking for possible weak spots or plot holes. I cannot speak for others who offer this this service, but I love to read. Because I love to read, I also like it when what I read is worth reading. And because of that I’m SUPER critical of what I’m asked to read, and if I like it, I will recommend it. (If I don’t like it, then I just vent to my boyfriend. :grin: )

Going into a bit of psychology here: like attracts like. Many of my friends also enjoy what I enjoy. We became friends because of similarities of interest.

I’ll admit, I don’t know much about publishing, but I do know some books do get new editions as time goes on.

Consider: Hiring a beta reader will give you insight into how others perceive your book. If it needs work, you can fix it up and release a new edition. If it’s good as is, and the beta-reader likes it, they might recommend it to others. You would have to vet a potential beta, to be sure they like the genre of your book and that they might be willing to simply review your book, but I think it might be a win/win.


Looking for your reply mam. You are a great senior. You are unimaginable @imagination7413