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Book translation with over 40,000 words

Hello all,

I have a client who wants their book translated and it will take me about 6-8 months to complete.
How do I set up my custom gig offer so I can deliver chunks in milestones regularly (i.e. once a month).
I only see the option to deliver 3 milestones every 30 days which does not cover the entire span of my working time.
Has anyone translated a book that size or larger through Fiverr and doesn’t mind sharing best practices?

Also, it would be helpful if I could have a call with the client to get to know them better. The book is about their life and it is vital I get a good feeling of how they think, vibe and live. This is also something they want as well. But I know that Fiverr frowns upon contacting buyers outside of Fiverr. Is there a way to have a call with them via Fiverr or can I just share my contact info?
Of course, we would place the order through Fiverr which both I and the client want and prefer to ensure secure payment processing.

Thanks in advance for sharing.


Personally, I’m not too fond of milestones. Instead, I prefer to break large jobs into chunks. So, you could do eight orders of 5000 words each. Then when you finish that, send the buyer another offer for the next part.

I also like this because it gives both you and the buyer to see if you are a good fit for one another.


100% agree.
I would only add that it also allows you to get paid once in a while instead of waiting for the entire amount.


Yes! That is the main reason I do not like milestones. The buyer has to wait until the end of the project to get paid.


As I’m sure you realise, 6-8 months is a major chunk of life. I am naturally an optimistic person, but you’ve only got to read the forum to see a number of stories in which sellers have apparently had projects cancelled by Fiverr within days of delivery, or else refunded via chargeback from PayPal - reportedly weeks or even months after delivery.

I very much hope that your buyer is legitimate and an honourable person, but personally I would never take on such a project through Fiverr. To potentially lose up to 8 months of income and the investment of my time and skills would devastate me. Too much is outside of my / your control.

For me the risk is too large for the above mentioned reasons. The platform is great for short projects, but the very fact that you are having to find workarounds to try and get this project off the ground speaks volumes. Fiverr really isn’t designed for longterm projects.

For anyone who thinks I’m being negative about the Fiverr platform - I’m not. It’s very much my preferred freelancing platform, but as sellers we have to weigh up the risks against the limitations of the platform. If this was a 2,000 word translation job, great - perfect! But 40,000 words…

EDIT: I’ve reread my post and it might come across as negative! What I’m trying to do is urge caution - to protect you. To successfully collaborate on such a major project you really do need to know your buyer well. In the real world authors / publishers / translators / collaborators have various meetings to work out if they are a good fit ahead of agreeing terms. That’s much easier said than done on Fiverr.


@english_voice : Thank you so much for your input. This is exactly what I was looking for. Some insight from fellow freelancers on Fiverr. I do not review your comment as negative at all but an honest opinion that is helpful and gives me some things to think about.


Thanks for the input. I will consider this. For some reason, I thought you get paid with each milestone. I have been enlightened. :blush:

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Thanks for your feedback. I really don’t want to put you off what could be a very lucrative project. But I’ve been selling on Fiverr for nearly eight years now, and I’ve seen all sorts of good and bad behaviour from buyers. Although I haven’t been so active in the forum in recent weeks - certainly within the past month or so I recall seeing two similar posts from sellers who claimed to have had orders cancelled by Fiverr, or chargebacks given to the buyer, for work that had taken an entire month in both cases.

I often say these words in the forum… as sellers we have to do everything we can to protect our accounts, health and income. A major part of this process is weighing up the risks associated with each order. Having a $40 order cancelled that might have taken a couple of hours is one thing. Having an order (or multiple orders from the same buyer) cancelled for hundreds or thousands of dollars that might have taken up to 8 months is another matter entirely. Your buyer might be legitimate, wonderful and highly generous - or they might be a complete scammer. You just don’t know. And that’s my point.