🔖 Blacklist Buyers - 2017


#Can we blacklist Buyers?
##Why NOT?

Yesterday, a buyer came with an urgent need to be fulfilled. He wanted it done in 2 hours. He could not tell me clearly what he wanted. I spent a lot of time in finding & sending pictures (of Excel Charts) from Google and at last, he was happy with 1 of them. I mentioned the same with the original link in my offer description!

Then I gave him the exact one in about an hour! He was not satisfied & he changed the question entirely! I told him that it is not what he wanted initially, but still, since he needed it, I tried giving him several different charts & combination to address his need.

After some time he said that what he asked is not possible in Excel! And asked me to Cancel the Order!
Why would I? I was not at fault!

I had everything in black and white - right since I made the offer. I could have gone to the Customer Support with that, but not sure if they would have helped me or not!

He started saying that I am lying and I am not able to deliver what he wanted.

I let it settle down. Did not respond. Took time. After a few hours, I went ahead and initiated the mutual cancellation. He agreed and Cancelled.

#That’s not the end of it!

Earlier, mutual cancellations never used to harm the seller’s metrics. It did not effect the Cancellation numbers. But now they do! My Completed Work has gone down to 92%! What a shame! :frowning:

All the Fiverr policies are made for the Buyer and whatever were in favor of the seller are changed and modified to go against them. Now, mutual cancellation as well is not an option for the seller.

:bookmark: Sellers Can Review the Buyer - other sellers cannot see that!

:bookmark: Sellers Can Rate the Buyer - other sellers cannot see that!

:bookmark: No Seller Protection against buyers like this, who got what he wanted and later canceled the order.

:bookmark: Sellers Can not cancel an order even if the buyer is ready to cancel, without harming metrics!

If we are just here to work (at times like this, I feel I’m working like slaves) and there’s no one to protect our rights, then it is certainly sad and heartless!

#Can we at least have an option to Blacklist A Buyer like this?

Will Fiverr ever listen to this urge?

PS: Will I be banned for such a post?


Oh… I say that since years… but what the heck, I go around and solve my troubles from alone. As a seller, you learn how to train yourself with every new Policy. Patience…

Yep, but you’re a slave of your own Gig and your own Gig’s terms. Try modifying that because your Gig is your business, not Fiverr’s CS business. How you deal with a bad client is up to you, you can collect many bad experiences and at the end learn how to avoid them. Again: patience is key


I don´t know if they´ll listen to it, probably not, and even if for the sole reason that it would require to ‘implement more stuff’, but I´m all for an option to blacklist a buyer once there has been a ‘cancellation history’.
Should really be our choice to not accept an order from a buyer when there was a cancellation due to a buyer/buyer-seller scamming us, maybe it could be linked to the reason you have to give for a cancellation, so that option would only be triggered for certain kinds of cancellation reasons.

Alternatively, just re-think the effects of mutual cancellations on our metrics, certain kinds of cancellations really should have zero effect on us, not ‘less’ or anything vague like that, zero.
And being able to cancel an order (within 24 hours for all I care) by a buyer who scammed us once already without penalty belongs to those reasons, just like there is absolutely no reason we should be penalized for a buyer ordering accidentally.


You have my vote on that one!


Quote-fail LOL but I think you got what I meant. :wink:


I’ve missed the “… no reason” part… now it looks like I’m against it! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have lots! Only thing I have, apart from my skills!

I wish this happened, at the least! This is heart breaking!


Ouch what a nighmare. I freelance and all I can say is scope scope scope. Just to cover yourself (unless you did…)


This might sound harsh here but I think this cancellation was your fault.
You ask “Why should I” when referring to a cancellation request and then you subsequently initiate a cancellation. Why would you do that? You did the work and so you should be paid. If the buyer then asks for something extra then you need to send a custom extra or ask them to place a new order. You had the choice here and you chose cancellation for whatever reason - you are not entitled to complain about it when you did it yourself!

Regarding cancellation rate, I think it should be public for both sellers and buyers. I simply don’t want to buy from a seller who cancels 1 in 5 orders, I don’t want the hassle. I also don’t want to sell to a buyer with that kind of rate unless they give me a good reason.

Anyway, back to the OP - if you do the work then don’t cancel, if you choose to then deal with your decision and don’t blame anyone else.


That would be great, maybe with a short % breakdown of the cancellation reasons even, ordering from a seller with ‘Buyer ordered accidentally’ as cancellation reason wouldn´t bother me.
‘Said they could do my job, requested time extension, then cancelled because they said they couldn´t do my job’ would.

Respectively I´d probably take an order from a buyer who cancelled because a seller didn´t deliver on time, but not from one who got cancellations because they asked for revisions without providing any details on what it is that needs revising, for example.


Hahaha! It is very easy to say “It was your fault” when it occurs to someone else, isn’t it? I know, people only FEEL the PAIN when they get to SIT on the NAIL themselves - and I don’t expect you to be different; and you are not!

Yes, I initiated the cancellation because I know there is no way out. Rules are made for the buyers because they pay! Either someone like the above will find my fault, or the CS will ask me to resolve with the Buyer. Such buyers who are extortionists, won’t do anything to resolve - for sure. Last time I went to the CS with an issue (rating shown wrongly, while rated through the App), they asked the same thing. I talked with the buyer and the buyer agreed to change the rating once again! CS couldn’t help.

@eoinfinnegan, you may say the harsh words and still prove yourself to be right. I do not want to get into your thoughts and try to find out what made you say so, but certainly, you do not have the heart to even try to understand the pain of a seller. In fact, you made me laugh as I was thinking what the CS would tell me if I contacted them, instead! You did almost the expected :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Anyways, I have to continue working on Fiverr as this is the main source of income for me, right now. I can’t be harsh. I have to ‘understand.’ I have to adjust. I’m the working class. I will always be neglected!

#No worries; I’ll learn to live!


Hey @stdwares

I’m sorry to hear that. :frowning: I struggled with with some buyers too and would love to see a Blacklist to protect the sellers…



Some buyer want to spoil fiverr


Some Sellers do the same, by favoring the buyers in many varied ways!

But yes, Hard Work Will Pay! :smiley:


Thanks for the kind words.
If most of the Sellers do come together and demand this, I guess Fiverr has to give this to us.

It is hard to believe that there is no rating/reviewing system on Fiverr for the Buyer. I’m here for a little more than a year now and I have been hoping since the start that Fiverr will bring that in too. Young site, will take time to implement the best practices - but it seems I’m still waiting and nothing is happening.


but seller have some restrict as after delivery work buyer review, payment,revision after all seller have many limitation whatever it is a platform of ours we should care about it. i think fiverr is our home and we are family members we want to stay with love :wink::wink:


Last month i had to cancel some orders. In my gig description i clearly said to contact before ordering because in web development price varies depending on various factors.
But some buyers order $5 for a big project and when i say it is not possible to do the project for $5 then they say to cancel the order.

When seller send custom offer buyer have to accept the offer. Then order starts.
I think there should the another rule. If buyer wants to order then seller also have to accept orders. Otherwise it will not start.


If you want to do more than rant, maybe post your point it in the > Fiverr Site Suggestions, no guarantees that it will do much, of course, but supposedly the 2 sections staff might monitor, are Bugs and Suggestions.
Alternatively, or additionally, you could post it, then in form of a question, though!, in the thread with questions for > Fiverrcast.


This had disaster written all over it in big letters from the start.
I would have refused his request at the beginning.


I completly understand you! Some buyers are very rude and arrogant! So, I would ike to see a protection for sellers!