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🔖 Blacklist Buyers - 2017

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I’m new in fiverr. Since august 2016 I’m in fiverr but I don’t any order yet. Recently here is a problems in my gigs. My gigs is not showing on keyword searching. Please, help me to resolve this problem.

Didn’t know that, thanks!

You can.

Every order features the following words:

Order #XXXX View Gig
Buyer: BuyerName (View History) April 15, 2017

Always click on “View History” to see if this is a buyer who always demands a refund. If for example out of 5 orders, 2 have resulted in refunds, I would continue working with that buyer.

However, if out of 3 orders, 2 have been refunded, I won’t do any work. I will tell the buyer not to order from me again. I’ve only had one person like that.

Most buyers are smart enough to find someone else. A few buyers insists on hiring the same person again for whatever their reasons may be. Maybe they like your style, but only want to pay for things they can actually use.


Too Good :stuck_out_tongue:

But there are problems still, that can occur! What if the Buyer gets irate and buys 5 more gigs from you and cancels them all? Won’t that hurt?

Since we do not have a control on whether or not to accept an order, Buyers can easily misuse their power and exploit/molest us, the sellers!

I do not see any solution to this.
#:bulb: Anyone?

:bookmark: LEARN ENGLISH - please!

That’s the first step to anything you do online. Please spend 3-6 months in learning the language first. Do Not Do anything else till then.

Once you are sure you have improved your communication and can talk to buyers and understand what they say, come back again and visit the following link:

Do this things written there and You will be helped! Let me know if you have any specific questions, though!

BTW, this is NOT the CORRECT place to post such a query. You can use Tips for Sellers or Improve My Gig to ask such questions. Before asking, please browse through the forum and find - read - learn and then, if you do not find, ask!

We are here to help you out! :slight_smile:

I hope we can be tolerant of all those for whom English is a second language and not automatically be harsh to those who do not speak perfect English. As long as there is no writing gig, let’s be understanding…(spoken as someone who is terrible at learning a new language.)


I Tarzan… you Jane.
There is where my English finishes…


I am from India. English is not my first language either! I have been freelancing for a lot of years (about 7) and I have learned in a bitter way that English is the KEY to ONLINE SUCCESS! And yes, it is!

##Two things:

  • Be adjusting and understanding today to people from our subcontinent who cannot write proper English and do not ask them to improve: THUS, ruin their tomorrow as well!
  • STOP them NOW! And advise them to improve on English today, so that they can have a better tomorrow, while working online.

The choice is with us, actually, who are in a position to point out a mistake and advise to rectify it.
##Wrong English is not a mere Mistake!!

Poor English & Cheap Work are almost synonymous to us, these days. Buyers know that these people will work for cheap and are happy to adjust with the English. It is a known fact that sellers from the Subcontinent work and deliver better products. If we can write better English, we can even raise our price and leave the world behind. We are not lacking in the skill, motivation or dedication - we are lacking in communication.

So, I would advise all the newcomers from my country or the sub-continent to improve on English first. It is a key tool to make a difference. Just take a look at our neighbors - Philipinos and people from other South Asian countries. They have come a long way in the last decade or so - just by improving their English, they have successfully taken away a lot of our jobs as well. :slight_smile:

Nothing against them, but you must improve your English @omorfaruk1124, my friend. I am happy to be rude if that strikes a chord in your mind and you actually work on it. That’s basic!

:bulb: All the best! Peace!

that’s the right answer! Bravo!

English is my third language, still I agree with @stdwares. Communication is key, no matter the gig, and if somebody isn’t able to formulate the most basic sentences there is no way I would do any kind of business with that person.


If you think reading their poor English is hard, try performing their scripts in front of a camera! Impossible! The time I spend messaging back and forth trying to get the script improved eats at my hourly rate, and does no good anyway. I cancel right off the bat.


The difference is that a Buyer can always choose to not order from a Seller. A Seller cannot preemptively prevent an order from a Buyer.

I do not agree that there should be any site-wide blacklists, but I do think that there might be a use for an individual Seller not allowing any more orders from a particular Buyer (without cancelling them each time). As it is, Sellers can say “no” all they want and that does not prevent an order, but if a Buyer says “no” there is no order - the Seller can’t make the Buyer order anything at all.


That would be a Buyer ban, individually controlled by each Seller. Social media sites have a similar feature, do they not?


But this is not exactly what I wanted.

:bookmark: Blacklisted Buyers’ List

  • I wanted a list of buyers who do fraudulent activities.
  • Every seller should be able to update and access that list.
  • Buyers should know that this list exists, and would make them act rationally.
  • Every time a seller is about to accept an order or make an offer, she can go to the list and do a search with the Buyer’s name/ID. If the name exists, Seller should be alarmed that this buyer has bad history.

:bulb: That’s all I wanted!

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I don’t think a common list is a good idea. People do things they shouldn’t. With a common list, it open it up to abuse. If each Seller had their own, there would be little chance for abuse, as the Buyer could buy from anyone else. It wouldn’t matter why one Seller didn’t want to work with a person, because other Sellers would be free to (and vice-versa).

Basically, with a common list it becomes an issue of who is telling the truth. Was it a bad Buyer or a bad Seller? How would we know?

I do think it’s a good idea to be able to see reviews of Buyers under the Buyer’s user profile, not just within the Gigs they purchased. That seems only fair, since a Seller’s profile displays all the reviews about them.

Some sellers would list buyers as fraudulent when they gave them a bad review that was deserved. It would not necessarily be a fair or accurate list.


This reminds me of the current Ebay situation where sellers are no longer allowed to leave negative feedback for a buyer and everything is focused on them rather than the seller.

We all end up getting bad buyers from time to time no matter how good and careful we are. I think it would be beneficial to have a buyers feedback profile feedback visable before and during a buyer purchasing services.

Sometimes you get the alarm bells before they purchase so you can politely say you are busy or cannot do what they are asking. But other times there is no sign of problems.

I also believe like other sellers mentioned before that there is a very small evidence of competitors buying your gigs and leaving bad feedback on purpose. If we could see feedback and what ordered gig in the past on their profile this would be a good way of alerting anyone to this.

I hope fiverr will read this and take these points on. Do not end up like ebay please !

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What Buyers would like to see.

:bookmark: Blacklisted Sellers’ List

  • A list of sellers who do fraudulent activities.
  • Every buyer should be able to update and access that list.
  • Sellers should know that this list exists, and would make them act rationally.
  • Every time a buyer is about to place an order or accept an offer, she can go to the list and do a search with the Seller’s name/ID. If the name exists, buyer should be alarmed that this seller has bad history.

Let’s face it, the reviews on sellers page is not an indicator they are good sellers. The things you’ve mentioned for buyers would also be good for sellers.


This probably does not apply to you but I believe that many sellers expect their buyers to be full of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows which just is not the case. Often I get buyers who are so fed up of dealing with bad sellers that they are extremely difficult to deal with. Is that a bad buyer? I don’t think so, I see them as a human who needs to be given a break, not labelled as a bad buyer - yet some sellers would automatically reject them or add them to the hypothetical list.

I have said it before, buyers who have an attitude, who appear difficult and who have definite trust issues, often have legitimate reasons for this! Your job as a seller is to be professional and restore their faith in humanity (slight exaggeration). If you do, you will have a client for life. Many of my highest value clients have been those who were most difficult to deal with initially.