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🔖 What do YOU do to improve your English?

Exactly! If I hear a granny calling me dear, I get all warm and fuzzy :blush:

When a buyer calls me that, the same feelings try to surface but they take a punch immediately, so basically they’re hurting my feelings :smiley:

I guess there’s a second meaning to your image, as well: that dark & cold times are coming in regards to English, and I really need to put on a jacket to protect myself :stuck_out_tongue:


lol You’re right–winter is coming . . .

I wonder if this thread will now turn into: Tips for staying warm during the winter for freelancers!


It is proven, that this song might improve your grammar. In my opinion, it is a fun way to get rid of the basic errors.


That was simply spastic for my brain, my eye was twitching on the rhythm :rofl: Awesome find @gig_freak, really made my morning :grin: I propose that we use the hashtag #wordcrimes whenever we correct someone on the forum :eyes: