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I’ve read @fastcopywriter 's book on my Kindle and liked it. Are there any books on Fiverr that you’ve read that you liked, or for that matter any book on making money online or freelancing? Do let me know, I will be free from next week and want to read something useful.

One from my favorite author Timothy Ferris ‘Four Hour Workweek’. It is not on making money online or freelancing but on ‘how to design one’s lifestyle, remote working and automated business’. It is the bestseller in this category. It definitely touches upon ‘making money online or freelancing’. Read it yourself. Tim is terrific.

Will do, heard of the book, but didn’t get down to reading it…bought 2 books just now…You Can Win by Shiv Khera and The Millionaire Next Door.


Reading “The Millionaire Next Door” and it is a great book…it was @fastcopywriter I think who recommended the book to me many months ago, I’m just loving it…

Speaking of books, what books do you read? Do you read everything or do you have special interest in particular things? I know a few people who literally read everything. I wish I could be like them. But I am picky.

Actually, I’m reading something after a long time…back in my non-writing days, I used to read a book a day, mostly non-fiction/business/economic/politics.

I remember you said you read John Grisham´s books in a thread. I read his books too (but just a few of them).

Wait, you read a book a day? I read a book a month (sometimes longer - there´s always something that distracts me), LOL. Well except when the book is really good I can read it within one week. I used to like magazines. I could read two magazines a day (but that doesn´t mean I read everything in the magazine. I read things what I wanted to read and that was it). I don´t remember anymore when was the last time I bought a printed magazine.

Oh economics, you may give a chance to Amartya Sen’s writings for a serious reading. May be you like his book ‘The Argumentative Indian’. It is more of philosophy, less of economics. If you want to read a lighter one, give a chance to ‘Freaknomics’. On politics, there are good books. You can read ‘India after Gandhi’ . You can read Chomasky’s books as well. I am an avid reader myself. I read all the books- fiction and non fiction. Wow, I never thought that someone might like to read contemporary economic writings. Are you an economist by chance?

For one, I would never touch Amartya Sen…he is a failed economist, each and every idea of his (such as the Kerala Model) has failed. But I have read all of Jagdish Bhagwati books, as well as that of Hayek, Friedman and Thomas Sowell. I have read Piketty and Keynes as well, to get their point of view. And seriously, you expect me to read Ram Guha’s books? The guy is seriously overrated and panders to a failed Nehruvian ideology. And no, I am not a particularly educated guy, if by education you mean degrees and qualifications. But I’m probably one of the most well-read guys you will ever meet :slight_smile:

And yeah, I’ve read Freakonomics as well. In fact, I’ve read every book short-listed and long-listed on FT Goldman Sachs Best Business book awards. (I think Goldman Sachs is no longer a part of it.) Last 2 years I haven’t read anything though, was too busy making money :slight_smile:

You declared Amartya Sen as failed and even did so with Nehruvian ideology :slight_smile: As a core economist, I know one thing that every ideology/model fails with time. Economics is a dynamic science. Bhagwati’s hypothesis holds mostly true in contemporary scenario but it will fail one day. In economics, we study all the theories- old and new, failed and successful. We read such theories to understand the factors which got changed. No new conceptualization in economics has originated without the dated theories. It is a personal preference to follow what is successful in contemporary times but every economy has a cyclic growth, so macroeconomic situations change.
It is good to know that you are very well read. I myself was an avid reader for good part of my life but I prefer to be well-traveled over well-read and somehow I can not read while travelling, not even on Kindle :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t know if Bhagwati’s ideology - free market capitalism - will ever fail, even if does at a later point, I can’t see anything that would successfully replace it. Bhagwati’s, Hayek’s and Friedman’s model are the reason why the First World is the First World and Sen’s ideology and Nehruvianism is the reason why India is third world and why Venezuela is what it is today and why the Soviet Union collapsed. The two models/ideologies cannot be equated…one has seen nothing but failure wherever it has been applied and the other is responsible for the resounding success of the West, Japan, and now China and South-East Asia.

Pff. The West is currently cannibalizing itself. Don’t mind me, I’m spitting acid about May and her awful new cabinet today. I recommend anything by Tom Paine.

At least there isn’t a rich baboon flinging **** at everyone.

There might be soon, the way things are going!

I want to say something here, but will stay quiet…

Please don’t hold back. I value your opinions. We can accept differing opinions and even become feisty sometimes while remaining good friends.

@writer99025 What is the title of fastcopywriter’s book? Is is for sale on Amazon? I did not see it listed as a gig on his profile.