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BOOOOM! you're getting so many buyer requests


Hello guys,

I’ve successfully done 20 order on Fiverr with 100% rates. I’ve joined Fiverr on 30 September 2018.

Luckily I got my first order by sending first buyer request. The main thing is I got $5 tip on my first $5 project. I hope I will be level one seller in the next evolution. Take this as inspiration and try your best.

If you’re a new seller working as a graphic designer then follows these steps.

Step 1: Open 7 different gig
Step 2: Make 1 gig in Graphic design category without a subcategory (Select others from subcategory section)
Step 3: BOOOOM! you’re getting so many buyer requests.
Step 4: Send the buyer request daily.
Step 5: Don’t address any buyer as Sir/Madam/Dear
Step 5: Earn money <3

Have a great day.


Wow. nice experience.


wow nice post. grat (Y)


This is enlightening. Thanks for sharing.


Carry on brother :blush:


Hey @zayed_al_hridoy, you are awesome!


Thank you so much for sharing your experience


@zayed_al_hridoy I am not gonna lie, your Step 5 is a good tip.

However, I do not agree with the others such as this one:

And here’s why:

While not selecting the proper subcategory and just choosing the “others” option might seem like a wonderful idea in the beginning, it will end up doing you more harm than good. It will have a negative impact on your clicks, views, impressions, and the overall visibility of your gigs to prospective customers out there.

Please bear in mind…

If you select the “others” category in your gig, your gig WILL BE REMOVED FROM… IT WILL NOT show up anymore in the “appropriate section” of the gig listing on Fiverr website… It will only be shown to customers in the “others” category which they might not even check.

Yes, choosing the “others” category might show you more buyer requests… But overall, is it an advantage? I don’t really think so… considering buyer will not be able to see your gig listed on the website. So, it will have a negative impact on your clicks, views, and impressions. :disappointed:


This is really help full for any sellers


“This is really help full for any sellers”

I am sorry, but I don’t think so. If you read my previous post above, you will know why. I wouldn’t want to see other sellers getting misled by a few of the OP’s tips.


Hello [hanshuber16]

Thanks for your kind reply. I’m using step 5 since 30 September 2018.I’m not saying that you need to make all of the gigs without a subcategory. I already mention that 1 out of 7 gigs needs to be without a subcategory.

I didn’t face any issue. Yes, overall, its an advantage and it won’t negatively impact on my clicks, views, and impressions.

The main thing is I research on the buyer activities and got this.

Suppose you’re a new buyer in Fiverr looking for social media banner (I can’t mention those sites name). You already search for the banner but didn’t find any gigs to buy or you have a low budget then what would you do? Fiverr always suggest buyer post a request to the seller. As a new in Fiverr, you know a graphic designer can do the banner. So you select the graphic design from category section but what will you select in the subcategory section? It will be empty because the buyer didn’t know the subcategory that fit for his/her project. Maximum buyer do this when they post a request. I get 50% buyer request through 1 gig (which has others selected in sub-category) and the 50% from the 6 gigs. So, did you get that?

Thank you.


great tip! thanks …


Of course, I understood that you get a LOT of buyer requests when you select the “others” subcategory for a gig. However, doing so WILL remove your gig from being listed on the search results when a buyer searches for a gig in the appropriate category. I know this for a fact; your gig will not show up on the search results anymore. This WILL impact the clicks, views, and impressions for THAT ONE particular gig which has the subcategory set to “others”.

Sure… you might be able to get some clicks and views from buyers checking your profile/gigs when you send offers in response to buyer requests that you see; so it might not impact your stats by that much.

However, buyer requests are a HUGE gamble. There will be MANY other sellers fighting for a chance to be the buyer’s choice for the project. Therefore, the more pertinent question is:

  • What percentage of the buyer requests you apply to convert to actual orders?

  • What percentage of the people who click/view your gigs on Fiverr’s search convert to actual buyers?

I am 100% sure that the answer to the second question is usually higher than that for the first question.

You do realize that buyer requests are a gamble, right? Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to remove your gigs from Fiverr’s search results and sacrifice something that has a greater chance of you getting an actual order for something that has a much much lower chance of you getting an order, such as opting for a method that shows you more buyer requests.

I hope you understand the logic and reasoning that I have given in this post. :slight_smile: However, if you don’t, that’s fine too… People are entitled to their own opinions. That will not the change the fact, though.


First of all a big congrulation for your achievement.
This is very good tips for me. Thanks


Yes I get the logic.But it’s Okay for me because I didn’t face any issue.


Thank you so much for sharing your experience.This is really help full for us.


Inspirational post. Happy to hear that…