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I got the mess when I sent a delivery to my return buyer, I completed all the job before the deadline and was accurately designed as per customer instructions, as well as I also designed it as a gift for him according to his requirements just to keep maintain good business interactions,

Now the issue begins As I delivered two deliveries one as per the job and 2nd as a business image gift,

But when after a day he didn’t even respond so I contact him via Fiverr inbox so he gave feedback the houses are not similar as I requested, I was shocked because I did the job accurately but I didn’t know that He didn’t receive the first one delivery, Fivery was just showing last submitted delivery, not the all, It was a bit confusing when I told him to check all images he said there is nothing which I wanted, As he also didn’t know what happened,

But when I sent his submitted images and with mine created image in the inbox then he told me there were no images found in your delivery then I came to know that just last as gift images were showing instead of all deliveries, which I submitted.

Now he is happy because I have sent him again.


:bomb: Boom :boom: Kapow :dizzy: Zonk :anger: Biff

Just reminded me of the 1960’s Batman TV show.

Instead of using the resubmit delivery button, it might have been better to simply attach the extra gift to the original delivery.


Hahaahah 1960’s really there was the batman show?? Yeap I realized after facing this, I should have add with the original one.

It was a popular show and still a cult classic! Adam West played a very “unique” Bruce Wayne. :smile:

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