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Boost gig promotions with PERMALINKS for individual Buyer reviews!

Sellers who have lots of very positive Buyer-reviews will be able to promote their gigs MUCH more effectively if they are able to “flaunt” the best of these reviews on their website and social-media channels. But for this to be possible, Fiverr needs to provide “permalinks” to each of these individual Buyer-reviews.

Today, the reviews that a Seller has received are visible when visiting that Seller’s Fiverr-profile. But the main link associated with each such review is a general link to the corresponding gig-page,where the visitor will see any other reviews received by the Seller for that particular gig. [There is also a link to the Buyer’s profile.]

But, despite the fact that the review contains a “time-stamp label,” showing more-or-less WHEN that review was given (“about 12 hours ago”, “today”, “4 days ago”, “about 1 month ago”, … etc.), sadly, none of these labels are permalinks that point at that specific review itself.

According to what is written on the “Promote Your Business” page that a Seller can reach via the “Selling” ==> “Promote Your Business” menu, Fiverr officially wants us to: “Take your business anywhere: Blog, Facebook, messages and much more.” If Fiverr were to give us Sellers permalinks to individual Buyer-reviews, we will be able to take those promotions to the next level, and possibly even facilitate “buzz-creating” social-engagement with the original Buyer.

If you too think that this proposal can seriously help us Buyers, please “Like” this post, and maybe the Fiverr staff will notice it!