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Boost my gig IMPRESSIONS


how to boost my gig impression. my gig impression have down read arrow 931


I do not pay attention to that. A gig impression as I understand it is someone hovers their mouse over your gig in the searching for gigs. Not much you can do about that.


thank you

  • Do you promote your gigs outside Fiverr?
  • Do you use paid ads on Social Media to promote your gigs?
  • Do you sit with your Google ANALYTICS account and crunch the number on your statistical report?

If your answer is NO to all the above, why are you or ANYONE even bothering with impressions?


There is a joke here. What a great first impression this post is. Ha. Good point @djgodknows


If BOOSTING impressions still matter for anyone, please find yourselves one of these drinks:


Sorry but this piece of information is incorrect.

Impressions : Number of times your GiG is displayed in a list of gigs either in the search results or the category pages.

P.s. I don’t agree that impressions don’t matter. If it’s decreasing it means that your gig is losing ranking in the search results and the category pages.

@djgodknows, found myself on of those(you didn’t stated if we need to find it in real or virtually :wink:)-


If locally available, then literally, else, find alternatives. :baby_bottle:

We have an energy drink called “Shark” here, although I doubt you want Sharky Impressions


I like Mountain dew though. :grin:
Mountainous Impressions…