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Boost WordPress Website Speed and Google PageSpeed Score

Website speed optimization is the process of making your website loading time and overall site performance better for users and search engines. In 2010, Google started to count website speed as a Ranking Signal.
Today, site speed is a MAJOR OnSite SEO factor that needs to be optimized well.

Here is what I’ll do if you order this service:

  • Enable Gzip Compression (To help site load faster in the browser by reducing the size of webpage)

  • Defer Parsing of JavaScript Files

  • Enable Browser Caching (Leverage Browser caching)

  • Optimize the .htaccess file to rewrite rules

  • Optimizing all images to reduce size without losing image quality

  • Minify all CSS and JavaScript files

  • Remove query strings from static resources

  • Finally setup W3 Total Cache plugin to best settings

  • Core Wordpress optimization

  • JS & CSS files combining (Helps in making fewer HTTP requests)

  • Serve scaled images (manually)

  • Avoid and Fixing Bad Requests

  • ETags Configuration

Note! Speeding up the WordPress may require installing some plugins

** This Service is only intended for non-SSL Website. SSL