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Boost yourself and your gigs

in the short time i have been on fiverr i have had one gig and that was the first day i started selling i got 5 stars from it but have not been able to land another gig or buyer request since and my views and clicks are down and i can not seem to get them up or land a gig so i need help pls


Promote your gig social media networks.


I m on fiverr now for 6 years. Sometimes there will be a order for me. then I wait months for a order. And I do everything promoting on social media and so on. But no results. Fiverr is difficult. Difficult to rank your gigs. But I keep trying to get more orders.

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i have been and also i am making up cards to hand out to tv and radio stations around here

Create another gig @aaroncooper0825

i have 3 posted right now and plan to post one more

Good job @aaroncooper0825

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Do you little research about gig marketing and then do social marketing.