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Bored.. Have anything fun to do?


No sales, no work, just bored.


Ah boredom the most useful time to exercise or follow tutorials.

Maybe you could extend the length of your video intro demonstration.

Brain drain happens when circulation is poor and too much sitting can cause that.

Hopefully your no longer bored.


Boredom is usually a lack of motivation, not lack of interest. Do as @scottmcfadden says and get some circulation going! Then, as odd as it may seem, check out “Oblique Strategies”. It’s old, but it’s a nifty little tool to get the mind circulating too.

It was designed to help musicians (and other creative peeps) get past ‘writer’s block’. I use the app a couple times a day even when I’m not writing or ‘creating’ anything just to see a different perspective and get in gear.