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Bored... not got any order since long

hey everyone

I am not receiving any order since long

can anyone have look over my profile and tell whats wrong is it grammar, gig description, gig image??

also buyers can order me

no comments :frowning:

Contact me via my mail let me make little corrections for

you have set privacy so i am not able to contact you

Reply to @tusharattar: his account was probably locked from Fiverr 'cause he was sharing personal informations… and you know this is a TOS violation…

Reply to @tusharattar: Well for starters it looks like you stole inkpetal’s bio and also you may want to use better English on your Gigs??

Reply to @lindaharrison: yes now i have changed it

Not to mention this whole thread is skirting the line on forum rules. Not really a “tip for buyer” now is it? Methinks we are trying to get buyers to check out our profile…

have you used any promotional element?

Reply to @rankwinz: yes fb

I waited 9 months, and I have had 4 sales. I think I’m almost in a position to complain.

try to use other Social Networking Sites to promote your service!

you can look through Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites/ September 2014 here:

Good luck!

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