Bored with fiverr no any sales in last 3 weeks :(


iam realy sad no any sales in last 3 weeks, :frowning:

what to do ?

please anyone help me…

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While waiting for order you could be researching the market and plan new gigs that are relevant to what popular right now. Work on new gig images (always a good idea to try different ones), interact with potential clients around the web and promote as much as you can in as many ways and places possible.


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Great tips. Wonderful. I also do the same. Recently, my sales have dropped a lot and I started building my website to promote my Fiverr gigs more. Hope it will change the scenario for me.


Promoting outside is the best solution. If you know how to do it right you will get a lot more sales.


Reply to @socialpluto: what is the best out side promoting sources ?


LOL took me a long time too! Now I am very comfortable with the amount of sales I get :slight_smile: Even so, some times it’s very slow, some times I can hardly keep up! You might just be in a slump :slight_smile: I would try reviewing your gig descriptions, see what you can change up, maybe do some research on some similar gigs to yours and see what they are saying their descriptions! If they are having a higher volume, then whatever they are doing must be working :slight_smile: But seriously, there are definite ups and downs in this business, hang in there!!


Reply to @kjblynx: thanks for your information


Reply to @mgjohn78: thanks :slight_smile: i will try :slight_smile:


Reply to @traffic_killer: Excuse me, but why don’t you know that answer? You claim to be an “expert” at “driven traffic” with seven years experience. Where exactly do you get the “real” traffic you want buyers to pay you to send to their sites?

Or is it just bot-generated traffic of the sort that gets buyers’ accounts deleted, or irrelevant, non-targeted traffic that brings next-to-no conversion?

I guess maybe you don’t need to know about site promotion to do something like that.


Reply to @celticmoon: Hey i asking about the best source for fiverr gigs. i am new to here, i have experience about driven traffic but not about the fiverr.

if someone can tell me what source is well suite to the fiverr gigs i can driven more traffic and increase my sales… but traffics always does not convert to sales. we must provide high quality product to increase sales. if our product is not meet the needs of the customer they will never buy it. so concern about quality of the service more than advertising. That is the my opinion.


Reply to @traffic_killer: Best source would be gig specific, face to face advertising is usually the most effective. Just map out who would be most likely to order your gig then figure out a way to approach in a tasteful manner.


Took me 9 months to get cough 4 sales cough — 3 weeks is nothing.


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