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Boring scammers


Don’t know about you but last months I’ve been reporting and blocking at least 2 scammers daily. Always the same story, senior developers from ******* , ■■■■■ enthusiasts and others. It’s really getting annoying.

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Really? I’ve never had to deal with that. How are you getting the spam? Private message via seller profile?


Yes, I just reported and blocked one some mintues ago, apparently from **************. It usually starts like " hello, I have a great business proposition" or something, well it’s easy to spot them, but why do they even bother, I have no clue.

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For every person capable of spotting a scammer a mile away, there’s two people who can not.


I guess you are right so I hope new sellers will read it and take caution.
They usually send a doc file after the first message, with their credentials, mail etc to contact you outside… Then you know what to do lol.


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Yes, I understand that. They are all new profiles and they may be from whatever region or country, they may use proxies, it was not my intention to target any area of course. I’m glad it’s edited though. Kind regards.


Was just giving you a heads up! :wink:


Thank you very much, I appreciate it :slight_smile:


Just count yourself lucky that your profile & gigs are exposed enough for people to find you, even if they are scammers.