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Bot for automatic answers

Hi to all,
Guys i have in mind to create a script which will send auto response on every message that comes to my Fiverr inbox while i’m sleeping (during the night in my timezone). Purpose of this bot is clear: reduce response time.
And here’s my question. Will it be legal? Can i get banned for such script? Do anybody use something similar?

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Please don’t do that - any tricks or methods to circumvent Fiverr’s system are not allowed and can get your account suspended, especially if you try to trick buyers into thinking you’re awake while you’re asleep.

I’m sorry, but that’s just wrong on so many levels, and I can’t even start to imagine the problems it can pose.


Yeah like above poster Fiverr’s big on cracking down tricks toward the system.

I would like to send anyone who messages me an automatic custom offer at the push of a button.

I’m sure it would be against Fiverr’s rules to do that - and they have a system that checks for bots (that sometimes incorrectly thinks humans are one).

Though Fiverr itself could create some sort of auto-responder system - basically it might be a good idea as a feature request for Fiverr.