Both My and my friends account has been hacked by a F**ker


We two school friends start trying to do some freelancing and six months ago come up with the gold mine we were ever find that is Fiverr. We started our journey by doing some graphical, info graphics, social media marketing stuff. And it’s seemed great that we earned couple thousands bucks by this time. We’ve two accounts naming “flora_fairy” and “Facebook_pva_fb”. One PayPal account where we attached two email address for us. But alas! yesterday, a new guy pretending as a buyer send request to me at my personal facebook account. After that in the night he told me that he need 20K facebook Likes to 20 Pages. Then I told him to order my fiverr gig and send him the link in facebook. He told me to do business directly and ask for my paypal email address (still secured). Then he told me to give my mail address so that he could be able to send the fan page link. I did so that means give my mail address. After that I went to bed to sleep. In the morning my friend calling me that his fiverr account is hacked. And he thought it was done by me. After that I told everything and tried to recover the accounts. But it seems that we already lose control over it. As we have linked our paypal id with those account. He used a tricks to bypass the money. He created a new account and order his gig using our cleared money. I already contact customer support Jay told me to attach some proof such as scanned copy and some others bla bla things. Because quite painful too.

So guys beware. We lose almost more than 600Bucks. Whatever we didn’t loose our expertise and skill. We will start again. Main thing we lost our great reviews and some permanent clients.


Ahh… Makes sense now. I was wondering who was crazy enough to buy his gig so many timea


I think I saw this guy post a thread here promoting someone else’s gig. It did seem fishy.