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Both of My Gigs Randomly Deleted?


Has this happened to anyone else? This morning I got a notification that both my gigs were removed. Confused, I checked my email and got this message: “It seems your Gig is not appropriate for the Fiverr marketplace. We suggest that you do some research on the Fiverr platform to see what type of Gigs are offered and in demand by our buyers.”

I am so confused, it seems like they deleted it because they decided that I wasn’t getting enough orders? Even though I’ve had orders on both in the past month? And people who have never had orders have their gigs still up? One of these gigs I’ve had open since 2011?

Has this happened to anyone else? Just a glitch maybe? I messaged them and am waiting to hear back but this is so strange. :frowning:


What were you selling?


One gig was taking photos of custom phrases in Scrabble Tiles, the other photos of custom phrases written out on cardstock w/ backgrounds of NYC. The Scrabble one I’ve had open for years and literally have done hundreds of orders so I’m very confused.


They stopped allowing any type of sign gigs about a year ago or more so those probably fall into that category.


Huh weird? But there’s still a category called “your phrase on” because I checked this morning after this happened? And why would they have not flagged it until now?


It looks like they have stepped up checking gigs and policing them and the site in general lately.

In your case they are definitely trying to preven another episode like the funnyguys sign holding fiasco.


Ugh this is so upsetting, I’ve had these open forever and people are ordering them, why would they not allow it? I didn’t hear of this sign holding fiasco, what happened there?


Somebody paid a Fiverr seller to hold up a sign displaying anti-Semitic content. It went viral, and Fiverr didn’t like the bad publicity. Most sign-related Gigs were removed from the site after that.

Now, if ever a Gig makes Fiverr nervous, they remove it, saying it wasn’t in their editorial focus. I’ve a feeling you may receive an email back from Fiverr saying something along those lines.


Wow, totally missed that somehow. I guess I’ll wait and see what they say when they get back to me. I’ll be pretty upset if I’m losing my source of extra income. :frowning: I wasn’t making a ton on here but the little bit of extra was nice to have sometimes. :frowning:


I hope you get good news. The system may have flagged you falsely. As you say, there are message-related Gigs that are still online, and there’s even a category for them.

We don’t fully understand all the intricacies of that particular niche.


Ugh yeah this is the reply I got:

“Your Gig is not currently in our Editorial focus. We recommend continuing trying to create new unique and creative Gigs which express your talents.”

This is super annoying because I have literally had one of the gigs open for so long! Am I going to lose all my positive reviews and everything too? Even if I come up with some new gig, it’s like I have to start over. :frowning:


Ah, no, the line no seller wants to hear. Sorry about that, Ceppii.

At least the reviews from your old Gigs will stay on your profile. But your news Gigs will obviously have to start from zero reviews.


Yeah I just created a new gig to take photos of places in New York City, not sure if this is going to get the same amount of attention as the old ones though.