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Both withdrawal button are unclickable

Hi, when i go to revenues, I find that both of my revenue buttons cannot be clicked. It says a withdrawal in progress but I have no idea what the withdrawal is. I want to get the money i earned but cannot withdraw to either my paypal or payoneer account. What should I do? Don’e ask me to recheck it, or retry I have done that more than enough.

well it is unclickable for a month now. Both buttons

My Paypal button is grayed out too, frustrating since I need my revenues transferred over asap :

Fiverr is seriously scamming sellers… Even my funds $1412 are locked for more than 5-7 months now X(

Yes, two weeks before I clicked the button for a paypal revenue. It stated that a mail has sent to me but i didn’t get one. Now both buttons are disabled and gives me the message that a withdrawal is in progress. But when i go to withdrawals section, it doesn’t have anything that states “Withdrawal Initiated”. This is obviously a technical issue.

Reply to @kjblynx: Hi, thank you very much. but the other post is linked to this and it is closed :frowning:

Reply to @kjblynx:

But it’s in their TOS too that sellers will get their funds back after a period of 45-90 days.

Yeah, i contacted them. Now the problem is solved. Thank you very much.