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Bought 5 Learn from Fiverr Courses on BFCM 30% discount


Bought 5 courses ( 2 courses + 1 program with 3 courses). Already finished 2 and earned the badges. Saved 46 bucks in total with the 30% discounts. I am not rich and honestly a little tight on money but still decided to go for it as I am not only doing it for the badges but I also believe that I could use the knowledge and its related to my gigs.

I didn’t expect much for such a low price but I was really surprised with the amount of useful content the courses had. You will get similar courses with a lot more gibberish and speculation and lot less real value being sold for hundreds if not thousands of dollars and people are hoodwinked into buying them.

Really appreciate the effort of the Learn from Fiverr program.


Curious to see how the stats on your gigs perform after the badges have become active. Great job on learning more about your craft to deliver a better product!


I just created 2 new gigs based on what I have learned. Planning to create 2 more tomorrow.

I am hoping fiverr will send more relevant traffic my way if I have gigs in the related category.


That’s great to hear @konkamunsif1! What were the courses you opted for? :slight_smile:


Viral marketing, fb ads targeting and google analytics program


Would have loved to buy stories that sell, storytelling program, data storytelling and SEO audit.

But honestly cant afford all that. If I had the cash would have taken advantage of the discount as I dont think Fiverr will go lower than 30% in terms of discounts.