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Bought a gig on fiverr doesnt show on my shopping

i just bought a gig on fiverr couple of hours ago i got confirmation from paypal on my email but nothing on my shopping list. only showing completed transaction before.

You should contact Customer Support, provide them with your username and details of exactly what happened.

yes i did but they are not responding… the seller said she did not receive my order but i was deducted from my card. :frowning:

Give it up to 72 hours. I had a person order from me with a similar situation to you a while back and it took upto a week for the money to 100% clear. No explanation as to why it took so long as the funds were readily available but eventually it did clear. Depending on how exactly you paid can be the reason why it’s taking so long. It may have given you a message in regards to “order in the oven” or something in that regards.

thank you for helping me out… ive been using the same payment option before but this is the firsr time i encountered this problem… but ill wait as you mentioned…

In most cases from buyers I have had, the longest on average it should take is upto 24 hours. 72 hours is a safe bet… but that is a bit weird if it’s worked for you previously with no issue. You have contacted Fiverr CS however already, so that’s all you can do is wait and see what information they provide. Perhaps before-hand the order will show up in general.