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Bought a gig, really need it, seller stopped responding when it was supposed to be delivered

Did I get trolled or something? This gig is really important, and I don’t want to simply cancel. I’ve messaged the seller multiple times since, and have gotten no response. I see that they are still active on Fiverr, but it’s as though they’re ignoring me. They were very responsive up until they were supposed to deliver the order, and they always told me if something came up, but now I’ve heard nothing since then. Can someone help me straighten this out? It’s been a couple days, should I just wait it out?

If the actual order isn’t late yet but the seller just planed to deliver it sooner, then it never hurts to wait. There could be a logical explanation and they might get in touch to deliver or to ask you for a little more time.

If the gig has now gone into actual late status and the seller is clearly active, that’s a pretty big red flag. There comes a point around 2 days after the late mark when you will get a notice saying that the order is very late (the wording may differ a little) and that you can automatically cancel the order.

At that point if the seller has made no attempt to respond to you, that’s not a good sign and you might not have an option but to cancel if the seller lets it go that far. You could also write to Customer Support and ask for their opinion, but they may cancel the order for you if the seller has gone over a couple of days late.


I can think of a situation where one might get injured or God forbid something else, while their phone is still on with the Fiverr App still running, hence showing the seller as “active” even though they might be going through a hard time. That might be a red flag, but a rea-llife-related red flag :confused:

I keep remembering a buyer I had, who kept showing as being active, and never responded to my messages… after a week he replied telling me his mother had died :cry:

They are only active every few hours, so I doubt that they just have the page open.

I just cancelled. I guess I have to look elsewhere…